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The Collaborative Law Process empowers parties to achieve practical solutions to complicated problems. It is built upon open and transparent disclosure and sharing of information with participants, face-to-face honest discussion and negotiation, and preservation (sometimes even betterment) of relationships between the parties. Rather than combatants in an adversarial process, participants in the process are considered a “Collaborative Team” that works together to solve a common problem.

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Established Model. New Application.

The collaborative law model has a proven track record of success, having been used for decades to resolve separation, divorce, and other family law matters. Building upon the firm foundation established by our family law colleagues, we have adapted the collaborative law model for general civil practice. The collaborative law model is ideal for conflicts that require a timely and cost-effective resolution, such as:

  • Employment and workplace issues
  • Construction claims
  • Business disputes
  • Probate and estate matters
  • Problems with supply chain or vendors

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