CLE Training – Body May 2021

The Role of Mediators in the Civil Collaborative Practice

Thu, May 6, 2021 12:55 PM – 4:15 PM EDT

An interactive workshop exploring how mediators may enhance the civil collaborative law process.

NCCCLA will host nationally recognized panel members Stephen Sulmeyer, Kevin Scudder, and Jude Sterling, who will present an interactive workshop explaining how facilitators and mediators may assist the collaborative process. You will learn what mediation in the collaborative process might look like; identify the pros/cons of using a mediator/facilitator in the Civil Collaborative process; brainstorm how to market mediation in the Civil Collaborative process within your practice groups and communities; and much more.

Presenters and Facilitators:
Kevin Scudder, Collaborative Law Practitioner, Seattle
Judith Sterling, CDFA, CPA, Santa Rosa, CA
Stephen Sulmeyer, Collaborative Law Practitioner and Psychologist, Marin County, CA


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