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Collaborative Law

Empowering parties and enabling win-win solutions.
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The Collaborative Process

The Collaborative Law Process is a streamlined conflict resolution option that saves time, money and stress. It avoids litigation and instead involves a series of five or six round-table meetings between the parties and their collaboratively trained lawyers. During these meetings, the parties discuss the problem and its resolution.

There are no court filings, depositions, or hearings. The parties craft their own rules for protecting shared information, thus preserving privacy. Resolution moves at a pace that matches the needs of the parties, typically in a matter of weeks and at a fraction of the cost of traditional litigation.

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The Collaborative Law Process Minimizes:

  • Cost
  • Delay
  • Stress
  • Disruption of Business and Productivity: No time spent in court, in deposition, or searching through documents and records responding to discovery requests

The Collaborative Law Process Maximizes:

  • Efficiency: Resolution can be reached in a matter of weeks
  • Control: The parties, not a judge or jury make all decisions
  • Flexibility: The process moves at the parties' pace
  • Privacy: The parties craft their own rules regarding confidentiality
  • Opportunity: Future-focused solutions preserve business relationships
  • Satisfaction: All agreements reflect each party’s needs and interests

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